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The Slow Regard of Silent Things(novella)

The kingkiller chronicle 2.5 its the description of Auri’s days in underthing. Auri is a character depicted in kingkiller chronicles. She is Kvothe’s friend some kinky student who use to live in some basement of the university’s yard or some barren area. Kvothe feeds her time to time and sometimes brings clothes for her. She doesn’t interact with the world except Kvothe. Not so great yet worth giving a while.



The wiseman’s fear(kingkiller chronicles 2)

Amazing and interesting sequel of kingkiller chronicle. Next part of the name of the wind. The wiseman’s fear is truely breathtaking and keeps you engage till the end. No doubt it was also interesting to read and as it comprises almost 2000 pages so definitely a lot of twists and turns hence sometimes unnecessary details bother you otherwise a well written art. I have shared some pictures of the characters as well to enhance imagery.


On The Horn( Teachers of University)


Kvothe’s mother and father

The Name of the Wind

First part of kingkiller trilogy is The Name of the Wind. It is extraordinary well woven and intricate piece of art by Patrick. It is the story of a young boy Kvothe whose parents and relatives were killed by some unearthly creatures. Now he is after chasing ghosts, invincible beings of whom he has no idea where to find even. He is after trails left behind by them whenever they destroy an event and the whole families. During this how his life goes through severe-ties and how he gets knowledge and fame is worth reading. A wonderful fiction thought by a genius no doubt PATRICK. Hats off!


The Chandarians