You were… all but now…

let go

You were smile, you were comfort

you were orchid, you were breeze.

I wish the time to freeze,

to see you one last time…


You are the sign of happiness.

Soft touch of ease!

A pure soul and light.

A wish to set you bright.


The calmness on the epitome of a storm.

Them emblem of peace and reform.

It’s hard to erase you…

from the ashes of my memory.


So, Lets just start!


So, let’s just start with this!

That conflict that always clouds my mind. That dilemma between being sufficient or not! I don’t need…Well, I don’t really! At times the weakness of your soul eats you up. It gnaws at your humanity. It increases its built on the cost of your morality. Am I talking about morality or darkness, Sometimes I feel the darkness inside me would take over and nothing will be left of me but ashes. Ashes to Ashes! Dust to Dust!

If you have to end sometime, one day, inevitable, then why indulge yourself in mere pleasures. They are not going to take you anywhere but gloom. I can’t wrap my head around it all. I need to be strong, the strongest as I used to be. When my soul was light, I was a really strong person.

I could not destroy myself now it is filthy. The soul is contaminated. It is grey and black. Grey gives hope. A little pessimist though! A quaint hope that if the grey is there out of black then it can someway turn white, real and pure.

I need light to make myself gleam from within. I want this black to go away like the oil disappears when comes in contact with soap. What can help me? I am looking for the antidote to cure the desire to go after my whims.

Life is a gift to be kept pure and flawless for the recuperation of my soul. For the enlightenment, for the restoration of my faith. Faith is life. I want to get a hold on to the faith…

Undecided by Julianna Keyes

You can have a free read on this

Sizzling, hot romance of young college students casting a spell when you start reading the novel and keeps you spell bound till the end. It took me 24 hours to finish this as even from the first line till end it was breathtaking love with an appropriate pace of building true love where Nora the heroine remains unknown till end that she actually loves Crosbie. The twist was there definitely as her previous college year was spent just in partying and not so thoughtful night stands which happens to be the cause of heart break of her boyfriend but then he realizes that if he could erase his long list of bagged chicks with just a stroke of paint then why can’t she deserves one more chance. I recommend it as a must read.

Abandoned — The Daily Post

The Daily post: AbandonedWrite a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started. (Prompt idea by Robert Dickinson.)

via Abandoned — The Daily Post

Response to the prompt:

Reading the word abandoned the first thought that crossed my mind was of an abandoned child( illegitimate maybe). What his/her life be with such a horrible start. In an educated and advance world we hoist the banner of humanism a lot but what of that child who’s depraved of all those privileges that are the right of a child.

It is actually an inhuman act to leave a child on its own when the soul reason of his existence is you. It is not his mistake to be born but yours so why he suffers? If anyone committing this horrendous act would think once of the consequences and put himself in that child’s shoes I hope this suffering could stop. Anyways hats off to the NGOs who take the responsibility of those children one of them in my homeland is Eidhi Foundation who has really worked well since 1997.

The Haunting of Bunny Hall: A Seventeenth-Century Tale of Witchcraft and Sorcerie — The Social Historian

The Mysterious Bentons It all started over a disputed path, of all things. Richard Jackson, a Wakefield man, had taken the tenancy of Bunny Hall. Soon after he did, a local woman – Jennet Benton – and her son George, began to claim a right of way through the grounds. Having none of this, Jackson […]

via The Haunting of Bunny Hall: A Seventeenth-Century Tale of Witchcraft and Sorcerie — The Social Historian

Shooting Scars(The Artists Trilogy 2)

Second part of the Artists Trilogy is again full of action and more chaos. Its about Ellie’s fall in Javier’s trap as he makes her sure that she is bad and belongs to him destined to be his queen. He promises her that Camden is happy with his family and he will only be safe when she complies with all his orders. As they were lovers before 6 years so Ellie falls into his trap easily offering herself to him in every way which results in Camden’s broken heart as he comes after Ellie to rescue her and ends up watching them making out in the balcony of their rest house. Broken , twisted, heart ache , revelations is the theme of this novel. Read and find out how things sort out at the end yet extending to the last part of the series.


Sins and Needles(The Artists Trilogy1)

This series is also Karina Halle’s wornderful work depicting a con artist Ellie Watt and Camden McQueen a tatto artist. Friends from their teenage get separated after high school only to reunite again in the middle of chaos. Javier is a powerful drug lord, a ruthless panther like inhuman human being like a soulless wreck is after Ellie as he wants to use her to kill his biggest enemy Travis. Travis is bigger in drug mafia than Javier so Javi wants to take over his cartel and wants to take a revenge too. The rest of the events you can enjoy by reading the series.
Sins and Needles is the first part. Its an action thriller good for someone in search of adrenaline rush.

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